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This deviation was deleted

I felt like I should write a critic about this,because this ...
I love it,honestly.Even though THIS IS a sketch,it's amazing.
Well let's start at the beginning,the whole picture is already a sight.

The vision is great,you can see that the colors lay over each-other perfectly and,okay,maybe a dew sketch-lines are noticeable,but yeah,it's a sketch,so I didn't expect that.

Mina? Anime? Sexy? Those three words ARE already original,but I really like the innocence in this picture,I mean look at her : Smiling at ya,just showing a little bit of her...yeah...youknow... The point is,that you really let her look sexy,but not too much. It's sexy,but not ''porn'' like sexy,it's hot but innocent. That's very original,at least,in my opinion. :meow:

Alright,the technique might just be amazing,with all thel ines and sketching and stuff. It would be TOTALLYAMAZINGEPICAWESOME if this just wwasn't a sketch at all. I had the feeling this could be even bigger with more...things.Anyway,about the technique ; The line-color is a good choice and you can see it brightly,especially the eyes,the eyes just...BOOM....sparkle sparkle.
But even though this is only...a sketch...great job! :D

Well,this sure has a great impact. I mean the feeling you get when you look at this get the
''Uhm,are you trying to seduce me?'' feeling.
That feeling is just unique to get by this kind of art.
It's not that horny feeling,but just an feeling that is like ; ''This is so amazingly done,it looks so real and I feel like she is really trying to hit on me,but those are my thoughts that are speaking.
Nevertheless,FANTABULISTIC! :)

Keep cool and stay awesome!
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Pastelletta Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Aww thank you ;u; I'm glad you liked my doodle so much haha.
TheRealFry1 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012   Digital Artist
Everytime I see the words ''Write a Critic'' I just can'' resist just to make one! ^^; Heh,your welcome!
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