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This deviation was deleted

So Fry is goijng to crack his fingers and hurt himself too write a great critic for one of his favorite Deviants.

It's kinda odd and very new. The lines are pretty thin,yet it has it got something.I'm not used to this style and I pretty much like it. Even though I prefer the thick-lines style of yours,this one can also score in my goal.The vision is good,even though iI don't like the lines. Still 4 stars.


Your originality is always 5 stars with me.She has the legs of a deer,the tail of a peacock and I love the Romano-hair feature you gave her. It looks cute.Are those piercings near her mouth and near her eye!? Is it so manly,just like my mustache? :iconihidewhatyoudidthere:
O3O Oh Wolfie,you are always surprising me.

Like I was saying,I just love your thick-line style and the colorful colors you always use on your fursona's. This one is one example. ''Brown,dark-yellow,dark-brown,green wit.''
It really reminds me of coffee with coffee-cookies.I love coffeecookies,I say. :iconisaywhatyoudidthere:

Well,not much of an impact didn't it gave me,besides it's looking awesome and it's just a new fursona from you. c:
I can't add much more,besides of the boring letter-type.
Still you deserve 4 stars.
1 star : because your awesome in making fursona's.
2 stars : because I i think the letter-type is funny,yet boring.
3 stars : because I love the coloring and the small features.
4 stars : This fursona looks smexie,I mean look at dem bedroom eyes.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
34 out of 36 deviants thought this was fair.


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